Politbro with Rich Dub (Full Audio)Michael Jackson hologram & Mackelmore’s “Jewish caricature”

As reported by Rich W. Over the weekend Seattle rapper Macklemore took the stage at a show in Seattle wearing a black cropped wig,dark beard and a hooked nose.This angered many and some argued that this was Anti-Semitic Dress-Up. ALSO Michael Jackson the artist they couldn’t make conform in life they managed to after his death. His hologram performed at the 2014 Billboard Music awards show. Rich W a syndicated columnists from “Politibro.com”, contributor to the “5 minutes away” podcast and member/creator of “Blackthinkcrew.com”‘ Politibro Urban media,Politibro,Blackthinkcrew.com twitter: @politibronewspoliticsnews

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