Seattles Def Chef on Quarantine Community Cowards & Feeding People along with Feed the People

Politibro Podcast: Chris Richie with the always outspoken and opinionated Def Chef Maine Miller.

He speaks on: -The prevalence of the emotionally gaslit online – Community Cowards-The state of the food game right now on the Community Level-The community Breakfast and Dinner Project he’s currently involved in along with Chef Tariq Abdullah , Chef Chris,Chef Christie and others -The fare start non profit food monopoly in Seattle-The Chef Syndicate-Monetization without Money: How helping others and putting what talent you have back into our community system.

Cash app: $DefChefKitchen

“Anyone need a food box or bag ? He definitely got y’all. Hit him with a text: 2534860825 so they can get you set up. We are trying to not overwhelm y’all and help with the whole social distancing aspect of this. Please share the post and let anyone you know who could benefit from this. If you would like to donate anything we appreciate it. If you wanna send a financial donation the cash app is $DefChefKitchen, but what we really need is moral support and information distribution. Telling 10 people is just as impactful as $20 to me. “ -DEF CHEF

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Def Chef: Dont think I’m just pointing fingers but my kids eat what I eat.