Andre “Gorgeous Dre” Taylor clout chasing on fox, the BLM money grab and conversation with Def Chef

– Andre “Gorgeous Dre “Taylor on Fox.. 

-A introspective convo with Def Chef on CHOP Seattle. 

 -How BLM SEATTLE/KING COUNTY raised $170,000 in connection with a June 12 March in Seattle for Black Lives Matter but the money was spent: $50,000 for Lavender Rights Project(LGBTQ), $75,000 Black Trans Task force(QTBIPOC), $15,000 KRIZ-AM(RADIO), $15,000 South Seattle Emerald(BLOG), $15,000 Seattle Medium(Newspaper). 

How CHOP/CHAZ attracted more homeless

Hosted by Chris Rich (Opinion)

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Def Chef: Dont think I’m just pointing fingers but my kids eat what I eat.